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Walking to the End of the World by Beth Jusino

This wonderful book is another from a woman who didn't really think of herself as an athletic or outdoorsy person but decided to spend weeks walking anyway. She dislikes camping and eating freeze dried meals. But she felt a need to get away from screens and traffic jams. So when she learned there was a way to walk across Europe and sleep in a bed and eat real food and drink wine every night, she decided she and her husband would become pilgrims on the Way of St James.

More than a thousand miles of trail lead to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The trail systems started out as a Catholic pilgrimage in the middle ages for believers wanting to visit the remains of one of Christ's disciples. Today thousands of people from around the world walk the trails for a few days or a few months for a million different reasons.

Jusino, it seems, found what she needed, even if she's not sure exactly what that was. She came back, she says, a changed person. Since returning from that initial trip she's been back several times and tells everyone she meets about The Way. The book itself is an engaging read thanks to Jusino's story telling style and the many interesting characters she meets along the way.

As a reader taking this journey with Jusino and her husband and their "Camino family," I felt connected to each up and down as she got used to the different towns and settings and groups of people she walked with. At times I felt, "I must walk the Camino!" and at others I thought, "wow, this doesn't sound like it's for me." Kind of how I imagine anyone would feel at different times on a weeks-long hike.

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