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  • Kathy Schrenk

Trip Report: Lone Elk Park

Before the intensely brutal heat began earlier this week, we got in a beautiful hike at Lone Elk County Park.

Lone Elk is one of the many parks that is easy to get to and features a loop that's perfect for kids -- it's not hilly and it's mostly shaded, so it was lovely for a warm morning. And we get to see elk! Most of the elk we saw this time were pretty far from the trail, though we did see quite a few.

And we had a pretty big group for this hike, including lots of newcomers, which I love. The only downside was the ticks. I should have talked everyone in to spraying their ankles with DEET in the parking lot, but alas. One family that seemed to be getting lots more ticks than everyone else left the group to walk back on the road.

Lesson learned: save hikes at Lone Elk for the winter.

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