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  • Kathy Schrenk

Trip Report: Cliff Cave County Park

I finally made it out to Cliff Cave County Park for the first time since they moved things around and built some new trails. I've led lots of hikes here in the past because it's convenient for most people to get to (about 10 minutes from 270) and it's got a nice variety of shady trails. The changes they've made at the park are significant and make a popular park more accessible for parents with strollers and for people with mobility issues.

The paved and graded paths have made it much, much less strenuous to get to the dirt trails at the top, which remain unchanged.

The dirt trails in the center of the park are still mostly the same as before.

I've heard a few people complain about the paving. But I'm glad the changes have opened up so much of the park to people with mobility issues and to parents with strollers, especially at a park that was already so popular and so easy for so many people to get to.

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