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  • Kathy Schrenk

Spring has sprung!

Spring weather has finally, finally arrived. Last weekend the weather was astoundingly beautiful. Wildflowers were just starting to emerge. Each day more and more sprout. A wet start to the year means ground should be carpeted with color in no time. Here are some of my favorite spots to see spring color.

Spring bloom getting its start at Rockwoods Range.

Rockwoods Range is easy to get to and perfect for all abilities. Most of the wildflowers are near the beginning of the hike, along the creek, so it's easy to do a short out-and-back if little legs get tired. Park at the first parking lot, coming from the Six Flags exit, and cross the street to the signed trailhead.

Redbud trees can also be found on the Dogwood Trail at Babler State Park.

The Dogwood Trail at Babler State Park features, not surprisingly, lots of dogwood trees that are covered with white blossoms in the spring. Be sure to check out the visitors' center at Babler. This is also a great park for a mellow, close-to-town camping trip.

Faust Park has lots to offer when the weather warms up, including playgrounds, historical buildings and a trail that's just under two miles. It's also home to the Missouri Botanical Garden's Butterfly House.

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