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  • Kathy Schrenk

Engelmann Woods

News updates:

  1. I have fans! A super-cool blog called Midwest Nomad Family featured my book!

  2. I have a new article out in Terrain Magazine. Check pages 14-15.

  3. No new park closures, as far as I know. St. Louis County parks, Castlewood and Elephant Rocks state parks, and just about everything in Illinois are closed.

Now for the latest pandemic-friendly hike. Engelmann Woods is, as I expected, a great place to hike right now. This place is out west of Rockwoods and Babler, almost to the Missouri River but less than an hour from most of the metro area. It's tiny -- only has one trail that's less than two miles -- but that makes it pretty perfect right now. I saw lots of wildflowers, birds, and mushrooms, and a total of three other hikers. It was perfect.

The loop is of the down-and-then-up variety. Hike down down down into this lovely creek bed and then back up through the woods and over some streams and creeks.

It felt great to get outside. Get out there and hike if you can!

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