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  • Kathy Schrenk

Emmenegger Park

Believe it or not, I haven't been hiking much lately. I'm so glad that my book has helped folks get out and hike so much while schools and playgrounds are closed. My kids are older now, though, and are expressing their opinion that they would rather stay home. So if I hike, I'm going to hike by myself. Which is fine but it makes it harder to get out there.

Signs of spring all around.

But finally on Saturday I visited Emmegger Nature Park. I was a bit nervous because the last time we hiked it was at Mastadon State Historic Site on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago. The weather was lovely yesterday -- my favorite, mid-50s, partly cloudy -- and I was concerned there would be crowds of people not distancing, like we experienced at Mastadon. But there were a reasonable number of people and they were all being respectful about distancing. The trials at Emmenegger are good for distancing because the undergrowth is sparse. So it was a good experience for Rufus and me.

Rufus is our newish dog. He's almost two and we've had him since August. He's a border collie-Australian Sheppard mix. If you have my book, you've seen photos of Bailey the corgi, who was basically the best dog ever. Sadly we lost him right around the time the book came out.

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