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  • Kathy Schrenk

Don Robinson, where there's no camping allowed

Weeks ago I scheduled a one-night beginners' backpacking trip for this past weekend. I figured it would be nice and cool. Plus, fall colors!

The "fall colors" aspect did not disappoint.

Two other families accompanied me on the trail and we hiked less than a mile to a really nice spot just off the trail, overlooking a cool "cave."

We hiked in around 1 and set up our tents, built a campfire ring, started a fire, all the good stuff. Then all but one of the adults went for a short hike. The kids had a blast exploring this knocked down old dam and the autumn landscape.

But when we got back from our hike, we learned that we were not allowed to camp in Don Robinson State Park. Despite the lack of any signs or info on the park website. So, now we know.

Here's a list of all the state parks where you CAN go backpacking. We'll try again soon.

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